Can I bring a guest to the range?

The WRPA doesn’t have a guest policy.  Our mandate is to provide for our members.  However, members are allowed to bring in a prospective member up to two times to the indoor range during normal shooting times in order to introduce the prospective member to the club.  The WRPA member must not shoot while the prospective member is shooting and must maintain care and control of the prospective member.

Under some circumstances, the executive will allow for a prospective member to shoot on the outdoor ranges.  Please see the contact page

Can I shoot Tannerite® or other binary explosive targets on the WRPA property?

No.  Binary/explosive targets are prohibited on WRPA property due to the possibility of damage to the grounds and/or equipment.  Full range rules are available on the range rules page.

Do you have any information on lead exposure at firing ranges?

There is a very informative article on this topic available by clicking here.  This information is provided by Manitoba Health.

Can you share some information about noise exposure from firearms?

Please see this article provided by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.