Winnipeg Revolver & Pistol Association Facilities:

(A) West Rifle Range (Outdoor Baffled Rifle Range) 

The Barry Pearson West Rifle Range is templated for full bore rifles of the .338 Lapua Magnum group and smaller.  Simply put, the only calibre group not allowed is .50 BMG.

Target stands are free-standing and may be placed anywhere along the range, so long as shots end up in the earth berm at the back of the range.  No shooting at side berms is permitted.

Buffalo board backers are available on the range.

(B) 25/50M Pistol Range (also Steel Plates – Ranges 3 & 4)

This range is for use with pistols and .22 rimfire rifle only.  Full loads and magnum calibres are allowed.

Target hardpoints are set at 25 and 50 yards.  Buffalo board backers are available on the range.  Targets are to be mounted to the top part of the backer only.

Steel plate ranges are for use with pistols and .22 rimfire rifles only.  Knock-down and hanging plate ranges are to be used separately.  Shooters should be aware that shooting at steel targets increases the chance of ricochet.  Please reset the steel targets when you are finished.

All areas of the pistol range are to be controlled as one for target resetting or posting targets.

No handguns firing rifle rounds (ie: Remington XP-100) are permitted.  No military hardball (steel core) ammunition allowed.

(C) 50M Multipurpose Range (Range 2)

At 50M, this range is for use with 22 calibre rimfire rifles only.  Target stands are free-standing and may be placed anywhere along the range.

Pistols may be used only from the 25M firing line or closer to the backstop.  Targets must be placed at the backstop.

There are safety gates at each side of the range.  These must be secured across the walkways when the range is in use from the 50M line. [Video]

(D) 50M Clay Sports Range (Range #1 – Shotgun)

This range is for engaging clay targets with shotguns.  Hand clay pigeon throwers are permitted if used safely as are manually or electronically operated trap throwers.

No shot larger than #6 is permitted on the range.  No buckshot or single projectiles are allowed.

(E) 20YD Indoor Pistol / Smallbore Range

This climate-controlled indoor range with club facilities is open Mondays and Thursdays after 7pm.

Targets are mounted on stationary frames at 20YD.  Handguns, rifles with pistol caliber with mid-range loads and .22 rimfire rifle may be used.

No military steel core or specialty factory loads are to be used.  No magnum or hot reloads.  No double action shooting is permitted.

Shooters must demonstrate the ability to contain all shots on the target.