Cowboy Action Shooting

Cowboy Action Shooting is one of the fastest growing shooting sports.  The participants are provided a story line describing the scenario and perform a variety of tasks before shooting at reactive steel targets with guns inspired by the Old West. A full complement of firearms includes a pair of single action revolvers, a lever action rifle chambered for a pistol calibre, a double barrel shotgun or 19th century pump shotguns.

Dressing the part is also a requirement. Each participant is required to adopt a shooting alias appropriate to a character or profession of the late 19th century or a Hollywood western star and develop a costume accordingly.

Cowboys (and cowgirls) shoot in several courses of fire in which they engage reactive steel targets based on the scenario being acted out. Scoring is based on accuracy and speed.

Although the shooting is competitive, the primary focus is on fun.

So git yer shootin’ irons and come’n down fer some Cowboy Action Shooting.

Required gear:

  • Eye and Ear protection.
  • Cowboy dress. At least a cowboy hat, long sleeve work shirt, jeans (plain not designer), and boots
  • Any pair of single action revolvers.
  • Lever action rifle in a “pistol” caliber
  • A shotgun without automatic ejectors in a style available prior to 1898. Any lever action or pump shotgun with an exposed hammer (e.g., Winchester Model 1887 or 1897 or Marlin Model 1898). Extractors that lift the spent hulls are acceptable.  Shotguns with ejectors that throw out empties are not.
  • Holsters and belts for your revolvers
  • Ammunition is lead bullet only with a velocity under 1000 fps for revolver and under 1400 fps for rifle
  • Shotgun shells loaded with #4 lead shot or smaller