SFC Recreational Target Shooting

Program Overview
The Recreational Target Shooting (RTS) Program will provide the recreational shooters with a path to challenge themselves and ultimately enhance their enjoyment of target shooting. Its clear goals can be pursued by anyone at their own pace and with their own level of commitment. Although RTS is not competitive, the satisfaction of personal achievement is unmistakable. Target enthusiasts follow their own personal rhythm, building confidence and finding satisfaction in the process. Many will find that the RTS program will hone their shooting skills naturally over time as the program’s reasonable standards stretch capabilities, foster habits and reward perseverance. This participatory program tries to capture the very essence of target shooting. The fundamentals are essentially the same for all the events included in the RTS. Hopefully participants will gain satisfaction from overcoming limitations and continuing along a path of personal development while enjoying the fellowship of sport.

Club-sponsored Disciplines

  • Centerfire pistol (any CF caliber)
  • Smallbore pistol (.22 LR)
  • Smallbore rifle (.22LR)

Getting Started

  1. Determine which disciplines you want to participate in.
  2. Email the program coordinator at programs@wrparange.com with your name, membership number, the disciplines you wish to participate in and the award level you wish to begin at for each, (See ‘Shooting for award levels’ below)
  3. There is a $25 fee to register for each discipline (paid via cheque, cash or EFT)
  4. You will receive a blank badge center for each discipline you register for.

The Basics

  1. Safety is paramount. It is the foundation of our sport. Always follow local range rules.
  2. You can start at any level, but awards are earned in order.
  3. There is no time limit for completing.
  4. Have fun.

Shooting for Award Levels

  1. Official targets must be purchased from the club.
  2. Each target must be shot as prescribed in the rules.
  3. Each target to be scored is to have the participant’s name, date shot, discipline, and score (unofficial) written on it, as well as the name of a witness that will vouch for the result and method.
  4. Place the shot and filled target in the correct slot in the scoring rack near the club office.
  5. The program coordinator will, from time to time, collect these targets, validate the scores and enter them into the RTS national leaderboard.
  6. If you’ve earned a new award level, the coordinator will award you a level patch to go with your badge center.

General Rules

  1. Use only official targets. Available at the range.
  2. Advancing a level requires 10 targets with a score over the qualification threshold.
  3. Retain targets with scores greater than current level to count towards the next level.
  4. You don’t have to shoot the targets at the same time
  5. If you fire more than 10 shots on a target, you count only the lowest 10 (and lose one point for each shot over the 10-shot limit).

Pistol Rules
You must use .22 LR for smallbore or any centerfire calibre for centerfire. You may use any approved one- or two-handed approved stance.
• Slow means that you have 10 minutes to complete the target (10 shots) – Slow Fire 20Y #63
• Timed means that you have 5 minutes to complete the target (10 shots) – Timed&Rapid 20Y #64
• Rapid means that you have 2 minutes to complete the target (10 shots) – Timed&Rapid 20Y #64

Smallbore Rifle Rules
You must use .22 LR for smallbore rifle. Any sights are allowed for smallbore rifle. Rifle may load multiple rounds. There is no time limit. All shooting is done unsupported (no bipods, rests, bags etc.). Slings and shooting jackets are allowed. Rifle target is RTS #92.
The Beginner levels are prone only. Intermediate and Advanced levels must score in ‘3 Position’ shooting to progress. More information on these positions are available in this PDF document published by the US Civilian Marksmanship Program: https://thecmp.org/wp-content/uploads/TeachingRiflePositions.pdf