IDPA New Shooter Course to be held May 26th –

A date has been set for the IDPA New Shooter Course to be run at the WRPA.  This course is run by volunteers of the Manitoba Defensive Pistol League (MDPL) – and normally carries a cost of $50 for the course fees and $45 for the required membership in the CSSA (Canadian Shooting Sports Association).  Since our club will be hosting the course, our current members  in good standing save $15 for a total cost of $80 for WRPA members.  Others may sign up and pay the full cost.  This course is mandatory for shooters that want to participate in the IDPA matches this summer.

IDPA New Shooter Course 
May 26, 0900h – 1600h
1201 Miller Road (West Range, or Indoor in case of inclement weather)

Space is limited – there are only 12 available spots – register through the MDPL link here ( and they will contact you for payment.

You must have your own equipment for the course:

  • ‘stock’ handgun and 2 magazines / 3 speed loaders  (4 magazines recommended)
  • Strong side belt holster (no crossdraw, shoulder rigs, dropped or ‘speed’/open holsters)
  • belt ammo carriers also recommended (i.e. mag pouches)
  • 200 rounds of ammo (minimum)
  • concealment garment (vest, jacket etc…)
  • eye & ear protection

More information on the Manitoba Defensive Pistol League can be found on their website (