Multipurpose range back online

We’ve got some great news to share with you.  Thanks to the tireless work of WRPA Vice-President Peter H. spearheading the project and managing a small group of volunteers, the smallbore range is set to re-open as a multi-purpose range on Monday, June 3, 2019 with expanded capacity for member use.

In a nutshell, the range continues to be usable as a smallbore rifle range from the 50m covered firing point (as long as you do not set up in the red cross-hatched area at each side of the range).  All targets must be posted at the backstop.  

Range use has been opened up to pistol use with the following caveats and assuming that there are no issues arising from use or misuse of the range.  The requirements for shooting pistol on the multipurpose range are as follows.  All targets are to be posted at the backstop.  All pistol shooting is to be conducted from no further from the backstop than the marked 25m line.  YOU CANNOT SHOOT PISTOL FROM THE COVERED FIRING POINTS OR ANY POSITION BETWEEN THERE AND THE GRAVEL PATH/MARKED AREA AT 25M.   Smallbore rifle shooters can use the same forward position as pistol shooters if desired.  There is to be one firing line in use at a time.  Do not shoot with another person in a downrange position.  If you require any clarity on any of these points, please ask a board member, call or email the club.  

Any unauthorized use or rule infringement on this range will result in immediate suspension of membership.